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Translate your in vitro pharmacology data to the clinic

HUB Organoids™ are derived directly from patient tissue, preserve original disease pathology, can be rapidly expanded, and are genomically stable across passages.

Use HUB Organoids in your drug screenings to:

  • Assess drug efficacy
  • Probe mechanisms of action
  • Test combination strategies
  • Discover your target patient population
  • Identify biomarkers of response or non-response
  • Test drug safety and toxicity on healthy organoids

Discover how we can help fast-track your clinical candidate selection.

Design your screen:


Choose your disease models

Our living biobank includes:

  • Healthy organoids for tox studies
  • Oncology and immuno-oncology models
  • Inflammatory disease and COPD models
  • Genetic disease models





Choose your study endpoint

Validated study endpoints include:

  • Cell proliferation and viability
  • Assessment of epithelial barrier function
  • Cytokine production
  • Imaging
  • Gene and protein expression analysis