Reduce oncology drug attrition rates

Predict patient respose before moving your drug to the clinic

HUB Organoids™ are unique patient-derived in vitro models developed directly from patient biopsies or resections. Our living tumor biobank includes:

  • genetically stable organoid models
  • a wide range of carcinoma indications
  • matched primary tumor and healthy tissue-derived organoids
  • organoids derived from both primary and metastatic lesions
Using HUB´s drug screening platform, clinically-relevant data can be generated that allow you to identify new targets, refine your drug combination strategies, or stratify your patient population with confidence.

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patient population

Identify responders and non-responders

Prospectively identify your target patient population and investigate the mechanism of response in patients.


Test combination strategies

Identify the most promising combo startegy with the only easily scalable patient-derived in vitro system. 


Discover predictive biomarkers

Predict therapeutic outcome using models that recapitulate original patient pathophysiology and preserve patient- and cancer-specific mutations.