HUB Organoids applications to drug safety and ADME evaluation

Intestinal organoids as in vitro model systems to assess safety and ADME properties of compounds

Discover our latest data on the application of HUB Organoids to the preclinical evaluation of a compound safety and ADME profile

snapshot of eurotox poster on application of HUB Organoids in drug safety and ADME evaluation

Despite recent advances, safety, absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) studies are often performed using traditional models such as cell lines, primary tissues, or animals. However, these models poorly mimic human physiology leading to adverse effects in clinical trials and compounds' attrition.

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  • Reduce costly traditional animal experiments and obtain a quick indication of your drug safety
  • Use HUB Organoids for preclinical toxicity, metabolism, transport, and permeability assessment of your compounds
  • Fasttrack your decision-making at the early stages of drug development.

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