Autologous organoid and T cell co-cultures as a powerful personalized platform for Immunotherapy development

Discover our latest data on the application of HUB Organoids in immuno-oncology through the development of autologous organoid and T cell co-culture

snapshot of IO Summit 2022 poster

Cancer immunotherapies have shown substantial success as a treatment strategy to combat cancer. However, its efficacy is limited to only a selected group of patients. Treatment failure can be attributed to the high degree of heterogeneity in patient tumors and immunosuppressive tumor features, which are both critical aspects that need to be recapitulated in preclinical models for developing an immunotherapeutic.patient relevance and scalability to address drug toxicology, metabolism, and PK.

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  • How autologous HUB Organoids T cell co-cultures serve as a patient-relevant in vitro platform to test effective immunotherapies
  • Our protocols for generating biobanks of both normal and colorectal cancer (CRC) organoids paired with tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)
  • How to enrich your culture for tumor-reactive TILs and their application to tumor-specific killing

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