Tumour organoid and T-cell co-culture assay to evaluate CAR T-cell cytotoxicity

AACR 2023 Poster

Immuno-oncology research has exponentially grown in the last decade. With new treatment strategies and novel druggable targets being identified at an increasing pace, the number of patients eligible for cancer immunotherapy is expected to expand steadily. However, promising therapeutic developments face hurdles in translating preclinical findings into therapy since conventional 2D cancer models fail to capture the high degree of tumor heterogeneity within patients and thereby hold low clinical predictive value. 

Download this poster to discover:

  • How patient-derived HUB Organoid represent inter- and intra-tumor heterogeneity and recapitulate patient response 
  • How expression of check-point molecules such as PDL-1 can be characterized in patient-derived HUB Organoids 
  • How our organoid-T cell co-culture platform can be used to assess the cytotoxicity of CAR-T cells 

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