Mechanistic validation of MAIT cell engagers in HUB Patient-Derived Organoids (PDO) co-culture model

AACR 2024 Poster

Bispecific antibodies hold promise in cancer immunotherapy by directing T-cells to attack tumors, but their effectiveness is limited in some patients. One challenge is the need for preclinical models preserving patient-specific tumor antigens and mimicking the interaction between the immune system and tumor cells. HUB Organoids are a solution as they are derived from patient tumors, reflecting unique tumor antigens. Mucosal associated invariant T-cells (MAITs), abundant in various tissues, including tumors, have potent cytotoxic abilities and respond to infections. Redirecting T-cells to tumors is challenging due to toxicities and Treg activation. Biomunex Pharmaceuticals developed a bispecific antibody targeting MAIT cells and HER2, a tumor-associated antigen, aiming to enhance efficacy in solid tumors without Treg activation or excessive T-cell activation.

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  • The establishment of colorectal cancer organoid-based co-cultures with allogenic MAIT cells
  • The application of an organoid-based MAIT cell co-culture platform in assessing the mode of action of a bispecific antibody (BiXAb)
  • Data demonstrating the available readouts that measure tumor organoid killing by MAIT cells in a co-culture format

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