Patient-derived organoids: A pre-clinical model to assess infection and killing capacity of viral vectors for cancer therapy

AACR 2024 Poster

HUB’s patient-derived organoids (PDOs) are in vitro models that preserve tissue morphology and original cellular complexity. Additionally, PDOs are compatible with (high) throughput screening methods, enabling informed decision-making early in the drug development pipeline and significantly improving the odds of positive outcomes in clinical trials. Akamis Bio has developed experimental viral vector-based tumor gene therapies that can potentially treat a variety of solid tumors by driving the expression of immunologically active biomolecules and therapeutic proteins hampering tumor immune evasion. These vectors are based on a replication-competent, chimeric group B adenovirus backbone that selectively replicates and expresses transgene payloads in tumor cells and additionally exerts oncolytic activity. To evaluate the efficacy of such a virus-based gene delivery strategy, HUB set up a proof-of-concept study to assess the propagation capability of Akamis Bio’s viral vectors in tumor PDOs.

Download this poster to discover:

  • The application of HUB Organoid technology in screening oncolytic virus
  • An overview of the platform along with the PDO models and off-the-shelf readouts for measuring infection and tumor-killing
  • The process and optimizations in developing the PDO models suitable for viral vector-based tumor therapies

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