Application of HUB Organoids® in immuno-oncology drug development

Fact Sheet

Immuno-oncology (IO) therapy is a rapidly evolving treatment strategy to combat cancer. However, its efficacy is limited to only a selected group of patients. This can be attributed to the failure of traditional preclinical models to capture the high degree of heterogeneity in patient tumors and immunosuppressive tumor features early in the drug development pipeline.

As HUB Organoids are derived from patient-derived tumors or biopsy, they preserve the original tumor heterogeneity and recapitulate the complexity of the interaction between the immune system and tumor cells, making them a superior preclinical model for identifying novel opportunities for therapeutic intervention.

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  • How patient-derived HUB Organoids address key challenges in the IO landscape
  • Why HUB Organoids are superior to other traditional preclinical models for IO drug development
  • An overview of HUB’s IO service offerings to enhance your chance of success in the clinic

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