Revolutionize your drug screening program

Predict patient response with our organoid drug screening platform

Work with the leading experts in organoid technology

Translate your in vitro pharmacology data to the clinic

HUB Organoids® are derived directly from patient tissue, preserve original disease pathology, can be rapidly expanded, and are genomically stable across passages.

Use HUB Organoids in your drug screenings to:

  • Assess drug efficacy
  • Probe mechanisms of action
  • Test combination strategies
  • Discover your target patient population
  • Identify biomarkers of response or non-response
  • Test drug safety and toxicity on healthy organoids

Discover how we can help fast-track your clinical candidate selection.

Design your drug screen

Design your screen:


Choose your disease models

Our living biobank includes:

  • Healthy organoids for tox studies
  • Oncology and immuno-oncology models
  • Inflammatory disease and COPD models
  • Genetic disease models

Choose your study endpoint

Validated study endpoints include:

  • Cell proliferation and viability
  • Assessment of epithelial barrier function
  • Cytokine production
  • Imaging
  • Gene and protein expression analysis