PDO Screen: a patient in the lab 

drug screening platform 

Advance your lead agent with confidence using patient-derived organoids

PDO Screen is our newly designed drug screening platform that allows you to maximize your chance of success in the clinic. Choose from an extensive collection of well-characterized patient-derived organoid (PDO) models as patient avatars for your drug screening program and prioritize your clinical candidate with confidence.

We have carefully selected a panel of more than 100 patient-derived organoids (PDOs) from multiple different disease indications including cancer, FAP IBD, and COPD across 9 different tissue types.



Screen features:

  • Select any number of PDO models across 9 different tissue types
  • Test your compound/s in triplicates
  • ATP-based cell viability 3D assay with IC50 readouts
  • 10-point dose-response curve/drug
  • Staurosporin/DMSO controls included
  • Additional readouts available include morphology evaluation (brightfield, IF), IHC, western blot, and RT-PCR
  • Barrier function and cytokine production assays for IBD and COPD

Our standard screening is specifically designed to evaluate your compound efficacy and cytotoxicity and offers reliable pharmacology data faster compared to translational in vivo models. A customized design will be set up for COPD and IBD studies.

Project delivery timeline from 8 weeks depending on model selection and number of compounds.

Why choose PDO Screen

  • Clinical relevance: our world-leading technology for organoid development ensure key patient and disease features are indefinitely preserved in 3D culture 
  • Quality assurance: SNP-verified, annotated models with DNA, and RNA sequencing data available
  • Target driven drug development: with hotspot mutational analysis performed on a selection of models available for PDO Screen
  • Faster and more cost-effective than ever: our optimised drug screening workflow provides results in weeks

Design your screen:


Choose your disease models

Our PDO Screen panel includes:

  • Oncology, FAP, IBD, and COPD models
  • Healthy organoids for tox studies
  • Well-characterized models with SNP, DNA-seq, and RNA-seq data available
  • HotSpot mutation analysis for a selection of models 

Choose your study endpoint

Validated study endpoints include:

  • Cell proliferation and viability
  • Assessment of epithelial barrier function
  • Cytokine production
  • Gene and protein expression analysis

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