Development of a medium-to-high throughput organoid and bacteria co-culture platform for the assessment of host-pathogen interaction

ELRIG 2022 Poster

Sophisticated techniques like PDO microinjection have been developed to study the host-pathogen interactions occurring in the human gut and to demonstrate the causal correlation between E. coli produced colibactin and the progression of colorectal cancer. However, these techniques are time-consuming and low throughput. Thus, there is an unmet need for a scalable, patient-derived system that captures the intricacies of human gut-bacteria interactions, to facilitate the screening and development of preventive therapies.

Download our poster to discover:

  • The establishment of colorectal cancer organoid-bacterial co-culture platform
  • The available readouts that provide an indication of colibactin-induced DNA damage in organoids
  • The potential of medium-to-high throughput co-culture systems in sculpting novel therapeutics that target host-pathogen interactions

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