Patient-derived organoids as a relevant tool for preclinical IBD research and drug development

ELRIG 2022 Poster

Chronic inflammation and epithelial barrier damage are two of the most important hallmarks of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Current drug development efforts focus on epithelial targets and barrier integrity. Conventional 2D models such as Caco-2 cell cultures fail to fully capture the physiology of the intestinal barrier, and differ in the expression of patient-specific enzymes and transporters. Hence, a clinically relevant system that allows the investigation of epithelial pathologies and barrier integrity is essential for innovating novel therapeutic paradigms.

Download our poster to discover:

  • The establishment and characterization of our IBD organoid biobank
  • About our PDO intestinal monolayer™, a unique system that allows barrier studies on combinations of various intestinal cell types
  • Our available data on benchmarking our PDO intestinal monolayer ™ to the current standard of care (SoC)

Download our poster