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Bring our models and knowhow in-house

HUB Organoid Technology represents a breakthrough in stem cell research and has allowed to gain better understanding in fields like organ development, tissue damage and repair, or human disease biology. It is based on extensive knowledge of the underlying biology of adult stem cells and their differentiation.

This unique technology is covered globally by an extensive and broad IP.

A license is required to work with HUB Organoid Technology, independently of the organoid/tissue source, i.e irrespectively of whether organoids are being generated in-house, purchased from HUB, or other HUB-partnering vendors.

HUB continues to facilitate the global uptake of this technology by pharma, biotechs, or academia, for multiple applications, including but not limited to drug discovery and development, preclinical patient stratification, and predictive diagnostics

Download this fact sheet to discover:

  • The benefits of licensing HUB Organoid Technology
  • The types of licenses available depending on your application of interest
  • How acquiring a license to our technology will improve your chance of success in the clinic

Download our fact sheet