Patient in the lab: predicting clinical responses using patient-derived organoid screening

Koedoot E., Smabers L., Wensinki E., Huismans M., Higuera C., Korporaal R., Teal E., Pitsa K.C., van Oosten E., Nair R., Valkenburg L., Cirkel G., Brousali A., Salij J., Overmeer R., Braat M., Elias S., Vries R.G.J., Kranenburg O., Boj S.F., Koopman M., Verissimo C. and Roodhart J.


Adult epithelial stem cell-derived organoids (HUB Organoids) are proving to be a major breakthrough in preclinical models. HUB Organoids are fundamentally changing the way drug discovery and development can be performed and generate the exciting possibility of accurately predicting which treatment would benefit each patient the most by testing multiple treatments in parallel.

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  • The establishment of a living biobank of metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) patient-derived organoids
  • How mCRC organoids can be used to evaluate multiple chemotherapeutic agents in parallel
  • The predictive value of human patient-derived organoids (PDO) in the stratification of mCRC patients

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