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Patient in the lab®: downscaling patient-derived organoid screening

René Overmeer, Head of Assay Development and Automation


Drug discovery and development is a lengthy process, often starting with the identification of new drug targets – based on NGS data – which are then validated using standard in vitro models before moving to in vivo testing and ultimately to clinical trials. This is a lengthy and risky process and oftentimes drugs with promising preclinical pharmacological profiles fail to translate their efficacy in patients.

We now understand that to improve new drugs attrition rates advanced preclinical models that better recapitulate patient disease in the lab, while offering speed of development and scalability, are required.

In this presentation René Overmeer will discuss how HUB Organoids® can offer a shift from a “drug centric” to a “patient centric” approach in drug development by effectively representing a patient in the lab which can be interrogated to predict treatment efficacy for each patient.

Watch this presentation to discover:

  • HUB Organoids key features that make them a clinically relevant model
  • The first clinical trial data where cystic fibrosis patients have been treated based on in vitro pharmacology results obtained in organoids
  • Proof of concept data demonstrating HUB Organoids predictive power in metastatic colorectal cancer
  • How to increase the throughput of organoid screening, by automating organoids picking and handling

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