Enhancing Drug Safety and ADME Assessment with Organoids

SOT 2024 Poster

Selecting suitable in vivo preclinical drug development models for absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion (ADME) and toxicology studies poses chall enges due to inter-species variability, limited human relevance, and cost constraints. The FDA Modernization Act 2.0 has endorsed alternative in vitro models, with organoids emerging as valuable tools. Adult stem cell-derived HUB Organoids® from human and preclinical animal tissues have been shown to mimic tissue physiology accurately, offer high-throughput screening, and serve as a robust platform to predict drug toxicity, metabolism, and adverse effects in the intestine.

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  • Our innovative ADME and toxicology platform utilizing organoids derived from adult stem cells sourced from both human and animal species, including mini-pig, rat, and dog.
  • The practical application of our platform in assessing preclinical gastrointestinal safety.
  • Dive into two compelling case studies showcasing the platform's effectiveness in predicting toxicological outcomes.

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