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Mini-Organs, Major Breakthroughs: Accelerating Oncology Drug Development

Patient-derived organoids are viewed as the gold standard in bridging the gap between the lab and the clinic. The latest technological advancements are using patient material to generate “mini-organs” in a dish, revolutionizing in vitro predictivity. This innovative approach is proving to be superior to conventional 2D cell cultures and animal models, which fail to recapitulate patient tumor biology either due to a lack of cellular complexity or fundamental species differences. Co-culturing tumor organoids with immune and stromal cells offers a unique opportunity to interrogate novel immuno-therapies, derived from both tumor and normal tissue.

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  • The latest 3D in vitro systems for oncology drug development
  • Application of 3D organoids and organoid-based co-cultures
  • Compelling case studies showcasing the efficacy of implementing the right screening platforms for guiding the development of clinical candidates
  • And more

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