Patient-derived Organoids: a powerful preclinical platform for
de-risking immuno-oncology therapies

ELRIG 2023 Poster

The absence of early-stage, in vitro human models that accurately mimic various organs and disease characteristics has led to inefficient and expensive drug development processes. Patient-derived organoids (PDOs, also known as HUB Organoids®) are derived from adult stem cells and form three-dimensional structures that mimic the genetics and physiology of original tissues, capable of long-term growth. These organoids successfully imitate the variety of cells and patient differences, offering a relevant method to examine the epithelial layer, its reaction to medications, and its response to microbial or inflammatory stimuli. PDOs are effective for simulating human diseases, including cancer, and inflammatory or infectious conditions.

Download this poster to discover:

  • The robustness of our organoid screening platform
  • Applications of airway organoids in modeling respiratory infections
  • Application of organoid co-cultures with immune cells to evaluate T cell activation and tumor-killing
  • Application of PDO monolayer in evaluating epithelial barrier integrity

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